Friday, August 7, 2009

Take Thursday, 1971

I remember well the evening I wrote this. Caleb was about six months old. We were living in a second floor apartment in Wilkinsburg. Next door, in another second floor apartment, lived Bob & JoAnne Willson. We were at their house for dinner along with other friends. Bob had cooked a great meal, as usual. In their living room, where we got into a lengthy discussion of our culture and how we were going to change the world, was a Goodwill couch, or maybe it was a curb-side couch, a huge full-length cigar store wooden Indian, a drum set and a stereo with huge five foot high speakers. Caleb slept quietly through the whole discussion, but ... maybe he was evesdropping! We went home late and I wrote...

Take Thursday


  1. your lucky you keep all your stuff, I have written lots in the past and lost it all!


  2. Junker, That makes me very unhappy! Where is it? Are you sure it is gone? Search for it. Find it. I want to read it!