Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daniel: Ambassador for Christ, 2006

I love singing the Psalms. I love seeing the connections between the Old and the New Testaments. So for the grand finale of a Sunday school class at Christ Covenant Church we read and sang

Daniel: Ambassador for Christ

Monday, August 10, 2009

Knight on a White Horse, 1994

Good sex. What is it?

Good: adjective.
Morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious.
Satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree.
Of high quality.
Right; proper; fit.
Kind, beneficent, or friendly.
Honorable or worthy.
Genuine, not counterfeit.
Healthful, beneficial.
In excellent condition.

Sex: well, you

Knight on a White Horse

Friday, August 7, 2009

Take Thursday, 1971

I remember well the evening I wrote this. Caleb was about six months old. We were living in a second floor apartment in Wilkinsburg. Next door, in another second floor apartment, lived Bob & JoAnne Willson. We were at their house for dinner along with other friends. Bob had cooked a great meal, as usual. In their living room, where we got into a lengthy discussion of our culture and how we were going to change the world, was a Goodwill couch, or maybe it was a curb-side couch, a huge full-length cigar store wooden Indian, a drum set and a stereo with huge five foot high speakers. Caleb slept quietly through the whole discussion, but ... maybe he was evesdropping! We went home late and I wrote...

Take Thursday

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I love Kansas storms. So majestic and powerful!

When I was a child and fearful of storms, my Father would sing Psalm 29 to me. He told me I was a son of The Mighty. Mighty - Majestic - Glory - Splendor - Holiness. A storm is the voice of Jehovah, who blesses his people with peace.

This picture, by John Steuart Curry, always hung in our home. My Dad knew Curry and visited with him as he painted the huge tableaus in the Topeka Capitol building.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Full Rights - Done!

It was a big project! I'm so glad it's done.

It was good for me to reread it. Such a wonderful gospel! I am really overwhelmed at the wonder of God, the creator of the universe, making me his child, his son.

Thank you, dear Father.

I wrote it 16 years ago. I sent it around to a number of publishers. No one wanted it. A few friends read it. Oh yes, my mother read it cover to cover. ;-))

Years went by. Computers came and went. The floppy on which it was stored became obsolete. No one could open it for me. I sent a hard copy to someone who scanned it for me. When it came back it was all those awful squares, lines, gibberish.

More years went by. Once again we got a new computer. I tried one more time to open the manuscript and....low and behold....there was something readable! Yes, it needed lots of correcting, but there it was.

So now it is out there in virtual world. I send it out with a prayer that's God's grace will go with it. I have that promise that God's Word will not return empty, but will accomplish his purpose. So, Come all who are thirsty.

God's Word is so beautiful!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Full Rights of Sons - Opening Pages

Title Page - Dedication - Table of Contents - Scripture Citation

The Full Rights of Sons - Opening Pages

The Full Rights of Sons, Chapter XVII: Simply Put - "...By Faith"

This is the gospel.

This is how we must live,

By faith.

The Full Rights of Sons, Chapter XVII: Simply Put - "...By Faith."

The Full Rights of Sons, Chapter XVI: Sons - "You are all sons."

By explaining my freedom to me so carefully, Paul has been an agent for the administration of God's grace in my life. He has been one of the preachers through whom I heard the gospel. I heard and I believed. Since I believed, I called on the name of the Lord and he saved me. Paul's feet are indeed beautiful. He brought "good news" to me.

The Full Rights of Sons, Chapter XVI: Sons - "You are all sons."

The Full Rights of Sons, Chapter XV: The Middle of the Road - How safe is it?

How safe is the middle of the road?

When two opposing ideas both seem true we often try to walk between, to stay in the middle. We try to go in this direction here and that direction there.

Actually, the middle of the road is a notoriously dangerous place. Cars come at us from two different directions. It take careful attention, a lot of dexterity, and good judgment to stand in the middle of the road and not get hit. It certainly is not a place of freedom. Nor is it safe.

The Full Rights of Sons, Chapter XV: The Middle of the Road - How safe is it?